Domestic Terrorism in Wisconsin

There’s trouble brewing in Wisconsin’s Northwoods.

It’s already ugly and a lot of us fear it’s going to get a lot worse.

At issue is a proposed iron mine that is in the early permitting process.

It took a hard fought legislative victory to even get to the point where state-mandating testing could take place. But now the mere presence of miners in the Badger State (so-named after our mining heritage) is enough to bring out the eco-terrorists.

Masked eco-terrorists have stepped up their attacks against employees of Gogebic Taconite. The workers are conducting exploratory drilling in the Penokee Range, home of the the largest deposit of iron ore in North America.

This video shows a couple of masked eco-terrorists (LANGUAGE WARNING) yelling at a drill worker as they were setting up their rig on Tuesday, June 11.

    • In the background, you can hear the noise of other eco-terrorists wrecking equipment.
    • According to a company representatives, these eco-terrorists slashed tires, stole equipment and pitched other tools into the woods.
    • They wrecked hydraulic controls and tore out erosion controls.
    • G-Tac, which has had to hire security in the wake of these acts of violence, say the violent protesters also attacked one of the company’s female workers.–wrestling a the camera out of her hands while another took her cell phone from her pocket.

These attacks were in addition to the eco-terrorists earlier actions, which included the building of barricades of timber and rock, putting their own locks on the access gate and removing bolts from a bridge that has to bear heavy equipment.

GTac refused to discuss their security plans except to say they will protect their people and equipment by legal means. When pressed, a company spokesperson, Bob Seitz said, “The opposition doesn’t tell us their plans and we aren’t going to tell them ours.”

We’ll soon see if local and state law enforcement, and the state citizens in general for that matter, take this as seriously as they should.

I have my doubts that they will. As I wrote at RightWisconsin:

This isn’t a joke.

These aren’t silly hippie kids pulling pranks.

This isn’t some distant problem that doesn’t impact you.

This is home-grown domestic terrorism taking place on Wisconsin soil.

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