Election Officials Who Work for Key Obama Surrogate Ignore State Law in Wisconsin

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett is the Obama campaign point man in Wisconsin.

The three-time Democratic candidate for Governor (who lost to Republican Governor Scott Walker in 2010 and again in this Summer’s failed recall election) routinely  acts as a local surrogate for the President.

Barrett enven flew down to the Republican National Convention in Tampa earlier this year to hold a press conference on the night fellow Wisconsinite Paul Ryan received the GOP nomination for Vice President.

Earlier this year, Barrett replaced the head of the Milwaukee Elections Commission, former Milwaukee Police Department official Sue Edman.

Yesterday, as early voting began across Wisconsin, we learned that Milwaukee election officials were not making sure ineligible felons didn’t cast ballots.

As the MacIver News Service reports:

[MILWAUKEE…] During early voting on Monday, Milwaukee election officials did not check newly registered voters against a Department of Corrections list of felons who are ineligible to vote, the MacIver News Service has learned.

Moreover, the problem may be more widespread than just polling locations in Milwaukee.

According to Wisconsin Statutes:
The board shall provide to each municipal clerk a list prepared for use at each municipal clerk’s office showing the name and address of each person whose name appears on the list provided by the department of corrections under s. 301.03 (20m) as ineligible to vote on the date of the election, whose address is located in the municipality, and whose name does not appear on the registration list for that municipality.


“I alerted officials at the Ziedler building that they were not in compliance with state law at 9:40am on Monday,” an Milwaukee-based election observer told MNS. “They told me they never received a list from the GAB and appeared to make no effort to find one.”


The Republican Party of Wisconsin has filed an open records request to provide the names of all individuals who have cast absentee ballots in the City of Milwaukee for the November 6th general election.


“Outside City Hall yesterday, Mayor Barrett was posing for pictures with actress Ashley Judd. But inside, the City of Milwaukee was failing to use the state’s ineligible voter list for individuals registering and casting absentee ballots,” Nathan Conrad Communications Director for the Republican Party of Wisconsin said. 

”Mayor Barrett and his hand-picked director of the City of Milwaukee Election Commission, Neil Albrecht, have clearly dropped the ball. It is incumbent upon both Mr. Albrecht and Mayor Barrett to begin following standard procedures and protecting the integrity of the election process.”

The GOP wants details from Barrett’s poll workers.

“Today, we’re asking the City of Milwaukee to provide the Republican Party with not only the names of the absentee ballot voters, but to immediately begin the process to verify that no ineligible voter casts a ballot,” said Conrad

The election observer who spoke to thee MacIver News Service said that Milwaukee election officials claim they are now checking new registrants against a list they have access to via on-site computers. However she cannot confirm this.

“There is no way from where I am positioned that I can check to confirm that,” she said, alluding to designated area for election observers at the Milwaukee polling location.
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