Walker's Reforms in Limbo, Savings in Jeopardy

“Limiting collective bargaining freed counties, municipalities and school districts to make necessary changes to costly benefit packages such as health insurance and other programs without having to provide a quid pro quo for the changes. This, in turn, facilitated the ability of counties, municipalities and school districts to maintain employment levels while still meeting the ever-increasing service demands of their taxpayers and citizenry.”

So reads a brief local government interest tried to file in an attempt to get a liberal judget to stay his decision invalidating Scott Walker’s labor reforms while the case makes it’s way through the appeals process.

The overturn of Act 10 means local governments will have to lay off employees or cut services. If they elect to lay off employees, that will mean more unemployment claims, which will additional burden local governments with legal fees.

“In the end, the resources expended defending claims can be better spent on providing services to the citizens that rely on counties, municipalities and school districts.”

Judge Colas, denied acceptance of the amicus brief on Tuesday, saying the applicants did not offer any new perspective to the case.

The judge, an appointee of Walker’s Democrat predecessor, is expected to rule on whether or not to stay his decision soon.

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