Blue Dogs Should Pray Health Care Fails

Dear Swing-Seat Democrats:

Hey. How are things? I see that you’re really busy trying to figure out just how much you’ll need to sell your vote for Obamacare. So I’ll make this quick.

Liberals got all angry when Jim DeMint said that if the president’s health care rationing bill was defeated, it would be his ‘Waterloo.’ DeMint meant that it would more or less put an end to Obama’s hopes of pushing his agenda of dramatic change, and he was right. If Obamacare is defeated, it’s hard to imagine that there’s any way he could turn and pursue card check, or the Freedom of Choice Act, or DADT, or (another) big tax increase, or anything else on the extreme left’s wish list.

But if Pelosi, Reid, and Obama win on this vote, do you know what lesson the Left will take? They’ll learn that they should never give up hoping for a big win. They’ll learn that even if their cause seems hopeless, it’s quite possible that the White House and its Congressional allies can break enough arms to muscle something through – no matter how unpopular. Is cap-and-tax dead? No matter – so was health care! Is immigration amnesty an impossibly hard lift? That was what they said about health care!

So consider: with your vote for Obamacare, you are giving the Left a new lease on life. You know what that means: you’re putting yourself back on the spot. A ‘no’ vote this weekend means Congress gives up on big bills until after election day. A ‘yes’ vote means that you’ll be back here in a few weeks, explaining to the president, and Rahm, and Nancy, and Andy Stern, how you really can’t be with them on this one – because you just about killed your re-election chances with the health care vote. As you did with cap-and-trade. As you did with the first health care vote. As you did on the stimulus. As you did on the release of the TARP funds.

Now as my friend Moe Lane would say, this doesn’t bother me. Without question, I’ll prefer the Republican who replaces you in the House, and I’ll prefer Speaker Boehner, too. But because I really oppose this health care bill, I just thought I’d point this out. You’re the one digging the grave. You might want to toss away the shovel, while you still have a chance.

With love,


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