Report: DSCC Trying to Get Blanche Lincoln (D-AR) to Retire

This is nothing more than scuttlebut, so take it for what it’s worth. But given her horrible poll numbers, it’s probably quite reasonable to conclude that anyone would have a better shot at winning this Senate seat than Blanche Lincoln:

A well-known Washington insider has been telling Arkies this weekend that the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is trying to talk Sen. Blanche Lincoln out of running for re-election.

That would open the door for a Wes Clark candidacy. And U.S. Rep. Mike Ross would be in the race in a heartbeat. Then comes a deluge of candidates in the 4th District. Forget for a moment what a Boozman candidacy does for the House of Dominoes on the Republican side from Senate down.

If true, I have to wonder if the Democratic apparatus would apply the same pressure to a male candidate with the same, actually worse, voting record? Say a Mark Pryor. Just wondering. Whatever else may be true or false, campaign speculation is at hysteria level.

My thought: With $5 million or so in campaign cash, chairmanship of the Senate Ag commitee, two terms in office and an as yet unknown and potentially wack-o opponent, Lincoln seems a long-shot for quitting.

It’s probably right that Lincoln is unlikely to step aside – for precisely the reasons outlined here. But is the DSCC attempting to cut its losses – as they might have done in Connecticut, and might yet do in Nevada?

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