Carville Poll: Just One-Third of Voters Support Obamacare

Here’s a shot of cold water for Democrats figuring out how to force an unpopular health care rationing bill through, despite the fact that it’s proving an incredibly hard lift even in liberal Massachusetts. Even Democratic pollster James Carville – and his partner, Stanley Greenberg – are finding that American voters are decisively against the proposal. Not only that, Carville’s most recent poll – which he has not discussed or promoted since it was quietly posted last week – shows that as Democrats have focused on health care over the last few months, their ratings are collapsing.

This poll should be heartwarming for conservatives – dig in for yourself and see how voters are rejecting the Democrat agenda. But if you’re looking for highlights, check out my piece at the Daily Caller:

Democracy Corps surveyed more than 1,000 voters nationwide, including more than 800 likely voters. The group asked voters to identify themselves as “warm” or “cool” on parties or proposals. Fifty-two percent of likely voters described themselves as “cool” on the president’s health-care plan, against just 34 percent were “warm.” When it came to the president’s economic plan, 35 percent were warm against 49 percent cool. The findings are consistent with other national surveys, which show the health-care plan currently under debate to be widely unpopular…

The deterioration of Democrat House candidates showed up clearly in Democracy Corps’ generic congressional ballot question. Likely voters favored the Democrat candidate by a margin of 47 percent to 43 percent in August. Now the generic Democrat trails by 46 percent to 45 percent. Those figures are consistent with results in other recent surveys. According the Real Clear Politics average, Republican congressional candidates have an edge of about 2 percent in current polling…

On voter intensity and propensity to vote, the poll saw a significant GOP edge. Democracy Corps described Republicans as “intensely enthusiastic” about the 2010 vote, with 46 percent seen as “very enthusiastic” about voting in the 2010 congressional elections, against just 33 percent of Democrats…

Other questions cast doubt on the ability of Democrats to make up lost ground by tying their opponents to polarizing conservatives. When told that “Democrats are working to pass mainstream, pragmatic solutions and win broad support. Republicans take their lead from extreme partisans like Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin and Dick Cheney,” 43 percent were more likely to vote for the Democrat candidate, against 53 percent who were not.

Democrats are currently saying that no matter what happens in tomorrow’s Senate election, they will pass a health care rationing bill. But if even their top pollster – James Carville – is demonstrating how much of a millstone this is, can they continue with this plan?

Go check out the whole thing.