Stupak to Run for Governor?

Bart Stupak represents a Congressional district that Republicans have pursued for years. It seems there’s a good chance it may be the next open seat the Democrats have to defend:

Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.) seems one step closer to running for governor of Michigan, saying he’s “seriously looking at” his chances for the Democratic nomination.

Stupak, a conservative Democrat who has pushed for strong pro-life language in the health care overhaul bill, has already been on a short list of potential Democratic candidates for governor, and said Tuesday night he is “really concerned about where we’re going as a Democratic Party in Michigan.”

“I may very well be the strongest candidate because, as you know, I don’t do everything the party tells me to,” he told a clutch of reporters Tuesday evening outside a meeting of the House Democratic Caucus. “So in a way, that works well in a general.”

Stupak’s seat has only a slight Republican lean. The PVI is Republican +2, according to Charlie Cook. That said, Republicans have long felt they would eventually claim the seat – even running strong candidates against Stupak several times, only to discover his hold on it was stronger than they expected.

Will Stupak run? He only very recently told the New York Times that a pro-life, pro-gun Democrat could not win in Michigan. It seems he’s reconsidering that. And given the animus he’s receiving from DC Democrats over his strong stand for life, it might not be a surprise if he jumped at the chance to head for greener pastures, and leave his House Democrat colleagues scrambling to defend his seat.