KUSI: Boxer's Kind of Lying About Stimulus Jobs

If Boxer was frustrated that Brigadier General Walsh failed to shower her the proper respect, how will she react when she sees how she’s being treated by the San Diego media?

Got that Senator Boxer? One job created in San Diego so far – at a time when the unemployment rate in California is 12.2%. You would think San Diego could have created more jobs than that merely putting up signs touting the expenditure of ‘stimulus’ dollars – a practice that Boxer supports.

It’s no surprise things are going so badly in California. Chuck DeVore has pointed out that California suffers from the absolute worst business climate in the nation. Carly Fiorina also gets the issue right – calling Boxer ‘a tax and spend liberal, absolutely beholden to the special interests, particularly union interests.’
As long as Californians vote for leaders who try to create jobs by raising taxes and hiring government employees, the state will continue to suffer from sky-high unemployment.
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