Bill Owens: Move Health Care "As Rapidly As Possible"

Democrat Bill Owens wants to succeed former Congressman John McHugh in New York’s 23rd congressional district. McHugh was a faithful representative of the center-right views of his district; in contrast, Owens is doing his best to earn the support of the extreme Left of the Democrat party.

For example, here’s Owens during his opening statement in last night’s candidate debate:


Congress needs to overhaul the world’s best health care system ‘as rapidly as possible?’

Who does that sounds like?

Today Speaker Pelosi – whom Owens will support if elected – debuted her health care bill. It’s a freight train of big government. It costs $200 billion more than the $900 billion Pelosi claims it costs. It puts government in charge of private insurance rates. It contains 13 new tax hikes.   It makes marriage counselors Medicare providers. It includes a ‘millionaire’s tax’ on people making $500,000.

How can Bill Owens pretend to be mainstream, when he supports a massive expansion of government, federal intrusion into private health care, and huge new taxes on working Americans?

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