Loyal Democrats Endorse Obamacare

The White House made a big deal of the support it has garnered from physicians around the country. Yesterday they even held a doctors’ rally – complete with white smocks – to show support. Yet the physicians in attendance weren’t the disinterested crowd President Obama suggested – many were longtime Democrat donors.
Based on the list of attendees provided to Time, it seems that the crowd was full of ringers. Here is a look at the history of political donations by some in attendance. It is not complete, but this is what I was able to find by searching the database at Congressional Quarterly:

According to the White House, the rally was attended by about 150 doctors. I have only checked the backgrounds of the 50 identified to Time. Given the highly political nature of the debate, I’m willing to bet that the White House did its best to highlight the support of those who don’t have a long history of supporting Democrats. Thus, we might expect that the other 100 doctors are more consistent Democrat donors.
It’s too bad the White House didn’t state up front that some unspecified swath of those in attendance were confirmed partisans – not the impartial experts the White House claimed.
They should change their name to Liberal Doctors for America.
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Note: My Washington Times colleague Amanda Carpenter has more on this.