AFP Makes it Easy to Call Congress

Americans for Prosperity wants to make it easier for all Americans to call Congress and express their opposition to health care rationing. That’s why they’ve launched Patients First to spread the word about government-run health care. And it’s why they’ve organized Call Congress Day next Tuesday, October 6:

Please consider participating in National Call Congress Day this Tuesday, October 6th sponsored by Patients First, a project of Americans for Prosperity. At joinpatientsfirst.com, you can enter your phone number and you’ll receive a call, connecting you immediately to your legislator with…well, just about the least effort possible. Busy during the day? No worries. If you use this tool after business hours, you will be connected to voicemail. (Imagine an intern telling their supervisor, “Um, we received 400 voicemails overnight… You might want to listen to some of these.”)

Want to do more? Consider blogging or Tweeting about the event. Email your friends and family. Anything you can do to help more people be heard on Capitol Hill will make a difference! It’s critical to make these calls to legislators who may be on the fence about particular elements of the bill, but all Americans should call their legislators no matter what stance their representatives take. Congressmen and senators who are right on this issue need our support and a call to encourage them and say thank you can do as much good, if not more, than calling to express concerns.

Nearly 250,000 have signed the Patients First petition telling Congress, “Hands off my health care!” Tens of thousands have joined Patients First at its nationwide bus rallies and town hall meetings. Now, thousands of active Facebook fans are getting involved, downloading our Facebook application and RSVPing for National Call Congress Day via Facebook. These aren’t numbers to dismiss. Visit joinpatientsfirst.com for all the details.

Click the link to learn more, or to link up to Patients First on Facebook. By deluging Congress next Tuesday – right when Congressmen and Senators are trying to push rationing through – we can protect the care we have now, and set the stage for sensible, pro-market reform.