Obama Loses Poland

No commentary necessary:

Former Polish President and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Lech Walesa, has spoken out about media reports that the US has scrapped plans to install a missile shield in Poland and the Czech Republic.

“Americans have always cared only about their interests, and all other [countries] have been used for their purposes. This is another example,” Mr Walesa told TVN24. “[Poles] need to review our view of America, we must first of all take care of our business,” he added.

“I could tell from what I saw, what kind of policies President Obama cultivates,” the former president added. “I simply don’t like this policy, not because this shield was required [in Poland], but [because of] the way we were treated,” he concluded.

Why can’t Lech Walesa get a little perspective? After all, Poland isn’t the first US ally to go under the Obamabus. As one friend of mine said:

Honduras, Colombia, Poland, Czech Republic – If you’re a small country menaced by a big tyrant, we’ll kick you right in the teeth.

I suspect Taiwan, South Korea, and Israel are taking note.