Gerry Connolly's Dodge

Today the House of Representatives voted to deny federal funding to ACORN. The vote was stunning and lopsided – with 345 Republicans and Democrats voting to deny taxpayer funds, and just 75 Democrats voting to keep the funds flowing. Almost every Democrat in a swing seat voted to deny funds to the group that has become known for helping to set up teenage prostitution rings. But one who didn’t is Congressman Gerry Connnolly (D-VA), who didn’t make the vote. (He is listed among those ‘not voting’ at the bottom of the roll.)

By itself, this is surprising and unfortunate. A constituent wants his or her representative to make every important vote – and this certainly qualifies.

But what’s more disturbing is that this was the only vote Connolly missed today. He voted on each of the amendments that preceded the vote on ACORN funding. He voted on final passage on the bill – a vote that followed just 10 minutes later. You’d think he could have managed to be present for a vote on a federal subsidy for child prostitution rings. Instead he was absent – for a vote that every Member knew was coming, and for the only time of the day.

Why wasn’t Connolly there to take a stand?

Keith Fimian is a conservative Republican seeking the GOP nod against Connolly. You can donate to his campaign here.

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