Yarmuth: I Don't Know How We'll Pay for Health Care

There are ample reasons to oppose the health care agenda put forth by Barack Obama and the Congressional Democrats: it will force people to give up private insurance in favor of government-run care. It will lead to rationed care. It will fund abortion. And despite the president’s promises, it will add to the deficit – a deficit that’s already expected to exceed $9 trillion over the next decade.

On this last point – how health care would be paid for – Representative John Yarmuth is at least honest with his constituents:

When it comes to funding, the president and Congressional Democrats are playing hide the ball. Their rationing bill won’t take effect until 2013 – because implementing it faster would increase CBO’s cost estimate. Democrats in rural areas are promising the plan will be funded with taxes on the rich. Those from wealthy districts say they won’t be stuck with the tab. And all deny that the hundreds of billions in Medicare cuts will have any impact on quality of care.

Barack Obama will address a joint session of Congress next week to spell out in detail his plan for health care reform. Can we count on him to reveal how it will be paid for?

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