McCaskill Finally Gets It?

Senator Claire McCaskill held a townhall today, and she may have had an epiphany:

As the health care debate has proceeded, Democrats have done their best to tweak their message. But one point that seems not to have changed is their emphasis on ‘comprehensive’ health care reform, and on ‘universal’ coverage. The public’s wariness about some big fix ought to send a pretty clear signal: they are worried that Obama is trying to deliver more change than they want.

In point of  fact, the American people don’t trust the Democrats. And they don’t trust the Republicans, either. They believe that our health care system is good enough not to need comprehensive reform. They may desire change, but they don’t want to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Will one of the parties wise up, and sell its approach as nothing more than incremental reform, designed not to be overly-ambitious? If the American people want a health care fix, but oppose a complete overhaul, the answer is to do nothing drastic and nothing irreversible. It may be that whoever takes that approach first, wins.

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