DHS Imprisons Refugees, Asylees, War Heroes

Unbelievable. Where is the change?

The Homeland Security Department, which includes U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, has been unable to provide permanent residence status to more than 7,000 eligible refugees and asylum seekers, Leahy said in a Senate floor speech last week.

Leahy said the administration has been too slow to help foreigners who pose no threat but have been ensnarled by overly broad restrictions under which they are classified as having given material support to terrorists abroad. Refugees, in particular, have been incarcerated while waiting to resolve their petitions for permanent residence.

"As a result, those who bravely fought repressive governments in their home countries, and those who joined the United States in opposing despots, can now be called terrorists and barred from protection in our nation," Leahy said.

He cited an example of an Iraqi Kurd, a trusted U.S. military translator who once served with the Kurdish Democratic Party in opposing Iraqi President Saddam Hussein. That translator had trouble obtaining a green card "because he was deemed to have been part of a terrorist organization," he said.

The problems with the resettlement process are not some new development. Senators have been pressing Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano for months. Instead, many refugees who bravely stood up to dictators and terrorists are being jailed due to the Obama administration’s inefficiency or indifference. Why has the Obama administration gone on jailing those who have earned our thanks?

And in case you’re wondering why so many Americans are leery about granting vast new powers to federal bureaucrats to take care of our medical needs, incidents like this one are a major reason.

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