Don't Mess With Paul Ryan

Congressman Paul Ryan is the ranking Republican on the House Budget Committee, and this clip of him schooling Katrina vanden Heuvel – one that’s been going around the blogosphere lately – is well worth watching. Ryan lays out the problems with the Democrat approach, and demonstrates vanden Heuvel’s misunderstanding of the issues superbly:

But the real surprise is not that Ryan did so well, it’s that vanden Heuvel didn’t come better prepared. Ryan has been consistently taking apart his liberal opponents for a while now. When I saw this debate, my first thought was of how he disarmed Arianna Huffington a few weeks ago in a debate over PayGo:

Ryan masterfully took apart Peter Orszag during the debate over the president’s budget, and the false ‘savings’ Obama has claimed:

And looking back at his debate against Joe Crowley over the stimulus, Ryan seems prescient:

And watching him respond to Chairman Neal last year demonstrates how hypocritical Democrats are when they talk about the deficit:

If those interest you, here are a few more that are worth attention: