White House Vetters Now Handling Advance Work?

The President is headed to Bristol, Virginia today, to appear at a Kroger’s grocery store to push his health care overhaul. The purpose of the visit is to put a little more pressure on Virginia Senators Warner and Webb, as well as local Congressman Rick Boucher, none of whom is currently supporting Obamacare. According to CNN however, there seem to be as many Obamacare skeptics as supporters at the store:

Workers are rolling out the red carpet for the president at a Kroger grocery store in rural Virginia, but President Obama could get a chilly reception when he appears Wednesday for a town hall meeting on health care.

Frozen food clerk Phil Younce says he thinks health care reform is being rushed.

“Like the last package that we pushed through, I think it was too hurried, and a lot of mistakes, a lot of things that shouldn’t be,” said Younce, who voted for Republican candidate John McCain in the presidential election…

But like most employees at the Kroger supermarket, produce manager Steve Shipplett gets generous health benefits.

Even though he voted for Obama, he’s nervous those benefits may be taxed to cover the uninsured, and he’s demanding more specifics from the president.

“He’s going to have to spit out some numbers and let the public know exactly what it’s going to cost them and what they’re going to have to give up,” he said.

Will skeptical employees get equal time?

The New York Times also asks a good question: why isn’t Virginia gubernatorial candidate Creigh Deeds willing to be seen with the President? My liberal friends keep telling me Obama is really popular.