Gallup: Americans Increasingly Worried About Bigger Government

This is yet one more poll that ought to worry Democrats:

USA Today/Gallup poll shows that 59% of Americans say President Obama’s proposals to address the major problems facing the country call for too much government spending, and 52% say Obama’s proposals call for too much expansion of government power.


It is not surprising to find that Republicans are close to unanimity in their views on these issues, with 90% saying Obama’s proposals involve too much spending and 83% saying they involve too much expansion of government power. Of more concern to the Obama administration, perhaps, is the finding that clear majorities of 66% and 60% of independents, respectively, say Obama’s proposals involve too much spending and too much government expansion.

There are several things worth noting about this poll: first of all, self-identified independents lean very clearly toward the view that President Obama is pushing for too much spending and too much government. It’s also notable that the numbers are this bad despite Barack Obama’s popularity. As recent polls have shown the public souring on the Democratic agenda, Democratic partisans have pointed to the president’s personal popularity. However popular he may be though, it doesn’t seem to help with the voters – at least in this poll. That’s not encouraging for Democrats who hope that a popular president will prove more important than an unpopular agenda next year. And it’s also worth noting that this poll is of American ‘adults,’ and not registered voters or likely voters. That suggests these numbers are considerably worse than they appear now.