Blue Dogs Rake in Cash While Slowing Obama Agenda

Many on the Left are livid with the Blue Dogs because rather than fall in line in support of the Obama agenda, they have slowed consideration of both cap-and-trade and the health care overhaul. There is certain to be real anger at the report that their efforts are being rewarded with an unprecedented cash haul from affected industries:

So far this year, the political action committee attached to the fiscally conservative House Democratic voting bloc is on track to shatter all its fundraising records, raising more in the first six months of 2009 — more than $1.1 million — than it did in the entire 2003-04 fundraising cycle.

Nearly 54 percent of the Blue Dog PAC’s haul this year comes from the energy, financial services and health care industries, up from 45 percent in 2004, according to analysis of CQ MoneyLine data by the Center for Public Integrity.

These contributions poured in as President Barack Obama and the Democratic Congress have been making a major push to reform health care, develop a new energy policy and restructure oversight of the banking sector.

Democrats are already deeply divided on health care, energy, and several other major parts of the Obama agenda. This will add to the division. On the other hand, perhaps Congressional liberals might take this as one of many signs that there’s a great deal of unease about the ideas they’re pushing. Perhaps it’s time to compromise, instead of trying to impose this ambitious agenda on an unreceptive public.