Will NY GOP Nominate Liberal in House Special?

As Congress has been debating Obamacare, cap-and-trade, and the Sotomayor nomination, the cracks in the Democrat foundation are starting to become clear. Americans recognize the failure of Obama’s approach to the economy. They worry that massive government intervention in health care will lead to rationing. And they fear the colossal drag on the economy that Obama and the Democrats seek to impose through new and higher taxes.

In short, Americans are becoming more conservative.

With that in mind, the upcoming special Congressional election in New York’s 23rd district is well worth watching. Republicans are considering 9 different candidates for the nomination, but the focus is on New York State Assemblywoman Dede Scozzafava. Scozzafava is a union supporter who has voted for gay marriage, and has pledged to support abortion rights in the state. Her views are liberal enough that there has been a strong push on the Left to recruit her for the Democratic nomination for the seat. Her views cost her the endorsement of New York’s politically-important Conservative party last year, and earned her the backing of the leftist ‘Working Families’ party.

In a special election that will depend on the ability to rally the base in a traditionally Republican district, why would New York Republicans nominate a candidate who splits the party badly? Furthermore, New York Republicans have traditionally attached a high value to the endorsement of the Conservative party. Having ‘the conservative line’ on the ballot is often the margin of victory for winning Republican candidates. Why throw that asset away by nominating a liberal Republican who seems out of step with the district, out of step with the Republican party nationwide, and out of step with the national mood?

Republicans and conservatives around the country are watching. They stand ready to provide support in what will be seen as a bellwether race. Republicans in New York’s 23rd district shouldn’t ignore that as they choose their standard-bearer.