Virginia Souring On Obama, Too

Fresh on the heels of yesterday’s poll showing that support for Barack Obama is collapsing in America’s leading political bellwether, today we learn that Virginians are souring on the president as well:

A new Public Policy Polling survey looking at how likely voters for this fall’s election view Barack Obama finds his approval rating at just 48%, with 46% disapproving.

A poll looking at his numbers among an even year general electorate would likely be more favorable because of the greater number of African Americans and young voters that would be represented but PPP is gauging approval ratings in the context of the Gubernatorial race.

Obama’s reviews are highly polarized with 95% of Democrats but only 9% of Republicans giving him good marks. His overall numbers are weak due to poor numbers among independents- 52% of them say they disapprove of Obama’s performance with only 38% giving him favorable ones.

Frankly, even I didn’t expect the Obama spell to wear off this quickly. It’s beginning to seem that no matter where you turn, political independents and ‘soft’ Obama supporters are contracting OFS – Obama Fatigue Syndrome. The bad news for Obama is, he can only be new and exciting once.

And by the way – Public Policy Polling is considered a Democrat-leaning firm.

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