Boehner 'Filibustering' Cap-and-Tax

If you head tune in to CSPAN (and let’s admit it: what better way is there to spend a Friday evening), you’ll see House Republican Leader John Boehner reading the Democrat energy bill. We have received the following statement from Boehner’s office:

Subject: The “Fili-Boehner” on Speaker Pelosi’s National Energy Tax

Folks – Last night, at 3 AM, the House Democrats released a 300-page amendment to their 1,200-page national energy tax legislation. No one – not one single Member of Congress – has read the bill that the Democratic Leadership is bringing up for a vote today. Speaker Pelosi promised the American people at least 24 hours to read a bill before a vote in her “New Direction for America” document distributed in 2006 that remains on her website today. Another broken promise from Washington Democrats.

So House Republican Leader John Boehner is reading portions of it to the American people. By tradition, three Members of the House have the right to deliver unlimited floor remarks – the Speaker, the Majority Leader, and the Minority Leader. This is the House equivalent of the filibuster in the Senate. We expect it may take a while, but Members of Congress, and – more importantly – the American people have a right know what the House is voting on.

If Democrats manage to muster the votes to pass this monstrosity, let’s at least make it uncomfortable for them. I mean, it couldn’t be as uncomfortable for them as their re-election runs in 2010, but it’s a start.

And one minor note: how important is this to the Obama agenda? House Democrat leaders are risking Patrick Kennedy’s sobriety on it:

it is not a goof, its true, that Rep Pat Kennedy, D-RI, was imported in from rehab to vote for the energy bill

Don’t Democrats claim to care about getting sick people they help they need? Perhaps they just figure he’s a lost cause.