Barack Obama Sure is Funny!

All the important things I learned in life, I learned from my parents. One of my mom’s favorite sayings was ‘self praise stinks.’ Thus if I were to release a transcript of a speech I gave, I wouldn’t punctuate every line with ‘applause’ or ‘laughter’ – or even ‘applause and laughter.’ I guess that’s just one more way in which I am different from Barack Obama.

According to the White House, Barack Obama spoke for 14 minutes – and his speech was interrupted by laughter or applause 53 times. I guess I’ll have to buy a ticket for his next appearance; I can’t remember any comedian good enough to get interrupted every 16 seconds by an adoring audience. Here’s a sample:

Although I must say, the whole thing was worth it. “Inside the Obama White House” is my favorite new show. (Laughter.) There’s just something really compelling about the main character. (Laughter.) It’s wonderful narrative. In fact, the show has been such a hit that all of you guys now want to come and tape one in my house. ABC is planning a series called “Dancing with the Czars.” (Laughter.) TLC has got something called “John & Kate plus Peter Orszag.” (Laughter.) That’s going to be good. (Laughter.) Nick at Nite has a new take on an old classic, “Leave it to Uigurs.” I thought that was pretty good. (Laughter.)

I guess Barack Obama has found his post-White House career.