Dan Boren (D-OK): 'Left Wing' In Congress Tries to Erode Gun Rights

Democrats in Congress would have Americans believe that they have largely given up on their attempts to restrict the right of law-abiding Americans to keep and bear arms. Barack Obama tried to fudge questions on gun control during the campaign, but has nominated to the Supreme Court a judge whose radical view of the Second Amendment is that states and localities have the right to ban firearms if they so choose.

And now Congressman Dan Boren speaks to the NRA about his commitment to defending the right to keep and bear arms, despite the efforts of left wingers in Congress to take guns away:

It’s gratifying that a Democrat is willing to step up and tell the truth about the ‘unfavorable political climate’ in Washington, and the desire of the ‘political fringe’ to ban guns, and reinstitute gun control measures in general. Hopefully Boren will vote the way he talks.

And while liberals frequently paint Boren as a conservative extremist, National Journal ranks him quite close to the center of the House of Representatives. They rate him as the 197th most conservative Member of the 435 in the House – hardly a right winger. If a moderate like Boren is wary of the aims of gun control advocates in Congress, believers in the Second Amendment ought to be as well.