NRCC Follows-Up With Answers on 2010 Races

On Friday I posted a summary of a briefing I received regarding the outlook for 2010 House races. Several readers offered comments or questions about specific races. Yesterday I received an E-mail from NRCC Political Director Brian Walsh, who has some responses on specific points:

I would like to thank everyone for providing feedback on Brian’s post about the upcoming 2010 elections and candidate recruitment. As Political Director for the NRCC, I thought I would jump in to address some questions and issues raised in the comment section.

Colorado 4: The NRCC does not have a policy on primaries. We’re going to monitor each race on a case by case basis, work to avoid divisive primaries, and aim to ensure the strongest candidate emerges with a unified Republican Party behind him or her. This is a process, not a decision, which relies on the active participation of party infrastructure, grassroots and finance networks. In this seat, we have at least three strong candidates who have been seriously mentioned or emerged and will closely work with all of them to make certain they have the foundation in place for a successful campaign. With that said, we’re going to carefully watch who can organize the best campaign, raise money, and energize voters throughout the district to see if a front-runner emerges through hard work and the ability to inspire Republicans towards victory.

Maryland 1: While Andy Harris fell just short of victory in 2008, he proved that he is a formidable candidate with the ability to muster a serious challenge to Frank Kratovil. With DCCC Chairman Chris Van Hollen and Democrat Leader Hoyer both from Maryland, they will aggressively defend this seat. However, while Harris will have to work hard, he will also benefit from top of the ticket elections in the state – not to mention backlash against Nancy Pelosi’s agenda which is rapidly bankrupting this country. On his website, Kratovil says “America needs independent leaders who care more about the common good than about petty partisanship…” He’s currently voting with Nancy Pelosi 88.5% of the time… enough said.

Finally, on behalf of Chairman Sessions, the House GOP Conference and all the NRCC staff, I would also like to take a moment to thank everyone for their support. We have a tough road ahead, but rest assured, we’re committed to this fight and we know that without your support we will not be successful. This does not just mean financial support – although we do like that – but also getting the message out to your friends and families, supporting candidates with your time and energy, and holding all of Pelosi’s puppets accountable for their misguided, left-wing, wacko agenda.

We will do our best to keep you informed, answer your questions, and bring the thunder to the Democrats for the next two years. We look forward to working with you, hearing from you and fighting alongside you.

Thank you,

Brian Walsh

Political Director, NRCC