Pelosi Travels to Iraq, Rewrites History

Nancy Pelosi made a surprise trip to Baghdad yesterday. And according to Alsumaria, she tried to rewrite the history of the debate over the U.S. role in Iraq:

“The SOFA agreement is one that agreed between our two countries and as many of you know, I’m very opposed to the initiation of hostilities in Iraq and to this war in general. But when … once we came here, it was clear that our departure would have to be something mutually agreed upon between the Iraqi government and the government of the US. So, I can’t speak what is the attitude in Iraq, I do not know that this is the plan that has been agreed upon and we want to know that”, Pelosi said.

If Pelosi truly said what is described here, I only hope I can find the reaction from her Iraqi counterparts. It would be nothing more than a breathtaking lie for her to claim that it was ever her priority to ensure that Iraq and the U.S. were on the same page with regard to a withdrawal from Iraq. Rather, Pelosi’s one overriding priority has been to milk the conflict for all it’s worth, politically.

Immediately after the 2006 elections, Pelosi declared that bringing an end to the Iraq war was her highest priority as Speaker. Even as recently as a few months ago, Pelosi was complaining that President Obama was not moving quickly enough to fully withdraw from Iraq – regardless of the views of the Iraqi government.

Pelosi is pretty transparent in her changed tone, too. Despite the manifest success of the surge during the last months of the Bush presidency, she did nothing that might indicate she thought the overall situation had improved. Now that Barack Obama is President – and now that Democrats will clearly have to take some responsibility for what happens in Iraq – she makes a personal appearance there, meets with Iraqi leadership and speaks hopefully of exchanges that might help the country to become more stable.

Pelsoi is consistent in one regard: her views on the War on Terror are constantly being fine-tuned to ensure the maximum political gain. We see that on both enhanced interrogation and now, the War in Iraq. Should we suffer a significant domestic terror attack during the Obama administration, she will instantly start complaining that the Bush team did too little to extract intelligence and eradicate foreign threats. Flip, flop, flip, flop… it’s the Pelosi way.