Your Stimulus Dollars at Work

The craptacular porkulus bill passed Congress with almost no Republican votes. That prevents them from running around the country and taking credit for things like this:

The blank expression on the face of the manager of Murtha Airport – just after 1:40 – is priceless. And even this manager – whose job clearly depends on Murtha’s willingness to rob from the taxpayers – can’t help but throw Murtha under the bus when it comes to a multi-million dollar air traffic control center that has been unstaffed for years.

That’s two hundred million dollars of federal tax money for an airport that handles 3 commercial flights daily, and which is generally unstaffed. And what CNN fails to mention is that the 3 daily flights are all between John Murtha’s district and Washington Dulles airport. I wonder whether anyone rides these flights except for Mr. Murtha and his staff.

This is how the Democrats revive economic growth.