A History Lesson for Democrats

Now that Barack Obama has opened the door to a ‘Truth Commission’ designed to embarrass Bush Administration appointees and score political points, Nancy Pelosi is trying to throw the door wide open:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi pressed the case for creation of a special “truth commission” to investigate the interrogation of terror suspects during the Bush administration.

The California Democrat said several House committees already are examining the issue amid concerns that brutal tactics were used. But in a roundtable meeting Wednesday with reporters, she suggested “it might be further useful to have such a commission so that it removes all doubt that how we protect the American people is in a values-based way.”

If Democrats really want to kick up this anthill, they might want to remind themselves what happened the last time they convened a series of show trials designed to embarrass a Republican president over foreign policy questions. (Sorry this is purely audio; if someone has an equally good video clip, I’ll trade this one out):

Do Democrats really believe that the American people will become angry at the way the Bush administration handled detainees in the War on Terror? It’s more likely that such an investigation will anger the political center of this country, and convince them both that America has not treated detainees badly, and that Obama is going too far in rolling back Bush’s policies.

Are Democrats so eager to overplay their hand that they’re willing to risk turning an obscure DoJ lawyer into the next Oliver North?