Hamsher Ditches 'New Way Forward?'

Update: Within about 40 minutes of my posting this piece, Erick pointed out to me that Jane Hamsher’s name has reappeared at the ‘New Way Forward’ site. That didn’t surprise me, and it was the reason I took a screencap of the site before I wrote that her name had been dropped. You can see that screencap here.

So as of an hour ago, Mike Lux was the only ‘honorary co chairman’ of the effort, and Hamsher was not identified as a supporter in any way. Now both Lux and Hamsher have been added to the list of ‘sponsors and elder counselors.’

Curious timing, huh?

It was only a few days ago that Jane Hamsher was the ‘honorary co-Chairman’ of a New Way Forward, in which capacity she proudly led more than a dozen protesters in a memorable march on Washington:

As you can see from the Google cache of the ‘New Way Forward’ home page, Ms. Hamsher was honorary co-chair of the movement on the day before this rally.


But if you go to ‘A New Way Forward‘ now, her name is gone. Why the sudden change? I know I wouldn’t want to end my association with a group that’s clearly on the rise.

HT: Josh, who pointed out the sudden change at New Way Forward.