Chris Dodd's Comeback Slogan: 'Banking on Change'

Chris Dodd Chairs the Senate Banking Committee – a position that made him important enough to become a Friend of Angelo, and allowed him to influence the porkulus conference committee to allow AIG to award bonuses to senior employees. It led AIG executives to strong arm employees into donating to Dodd. It also gave Dodd disproportionate influence in killing efforts to clean up Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac before they collapsed. In other words, Dodd’s position on the Banking Committee is largely responsible for making him an underdog for re-election next year.

So what’s Chris Dodd’s plan to save his lucrative government gig? Remind people of his spot on the Banking Committee:

Sen. Chris Dodd (D-Conn.), facing increasingly difficult odds in 2010, is spending the two-week recess barnstorming his home state to try to improve his political standing…

The appearances are part of a series dubbed “Banking for Change,” meant to highlight Dodd’s work on consumer protection issues as chairman of the Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee.


Dodd thinks he’s helped by reminders of what he’s done with his Banking Committee spot? He might as well run television ads bragging about his Countrywide Mortgage and his wife’s former spot on the Board of an AIG company. Connecticut Republicans are being handed a golden opportunity to remind voters of Dodd’s ethical lapses, and his leadership role in the housing crash and current recession. They ought to attend Dodd’s events in state and ask him why he’s bragging about legislative malpractice and crony capitalism.