Alec Baldwin: Olbermann & Maddow Kind of Hard to Watch

Poor Keith! First the big kids refuse to invite him into their little club, and now they’re trashing him out in the open!

On cable news, I am a fan of Keith and Rachel. But he wastes too much time p***ing on Bush and his deposed cronies. She is smart and charming but her writers are dreadful and the less cutesy she is, the better. She did an excellent interview with Colin Powell recently. The next night, I missed that tougher, less avuncular Rachel. A while back, the idea of sitting down at another screen and getting my evening news seemed unappealing. Now I sit and watch Rachel and Keith while I do my e-mail and read Slate and HuffPo online.

But something has changed again. I’m back to buying the Times. I think others should get back to buying and reading a newspaper, too.

Well the news isn’t all bad for Keith and Rachel, right? Even if Olbermann is a one-trick pony whose act has gotten stale, at least the TV’s still on. It used to be that Baldwin couldn’t watch him at all, but now by the simple trick of doing several other things at the same time, he can! And Olbermann gets about the same level of attention that I give the classic rock station in the background while I’m working on the computer. I bet there are even times that Baldwin can recall what it was that Keith ranted about – Bush and his cronies.

As for Rachel, she’s really good – it’s just her writers that stink. If she had the skill to prepare her own material, or to hire skilled writers, or to recognize terrible copy when she saw it, she’d be good.

If this is what he thinks of Olbermann and Maddow, I can see why Baldwin prefers the New York Times. I wonder what he’ll read in a few months when the New York Times is gone.