Castro: Obama's Implementing My Vision

I’ve never argued that Barack Obama is a communist, but Fidel Castro seems to recognize a fellow traveler. Castro endorses calls for an end to the U.S. embargo against Cuba and writes:

If President Barack Obama travels the world asserting, as he did in his very own country, that it is necessary to invest the sums needed to pull out of the financial crisis, to guarantee the homes where countless families live, to guarantee jobs for the American workers who are becoming unemployed by the millions, to install health services and quality education for all citizens, how can he reconcile that with blockade measures to impose his will over a country like Cuba?


There is no need to emphasize what Cuba has always said: we do not fear dialogue with the United States. Nor do we need the confrontation to exist as some foolish people think: we exist precisely because we believe in our ideas and we have never feared dialogue with the adversary. It is the only way to secure friendship and peace among peoples.

You would think that the warm and loving embrace of Fidel Castro would be enough to signal to Barack Obama that he’s headed down the wrong road. After all, even he should see that the Cuban experiment hasn’t really been a roaring success. Maybe Obama thinks that Cuba would have worked out just fine if it was led by smarter people.

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