Fannie Mae Hack is Army's New Top Lawyer

The Washington Post reports on President Obama’s latest appointments at DoD:

Donald Remy, Nominee for General Counsel of the Army, Department of Defense

Donald Remy is a partner in the Washington, D.C. office of Latham & Watkins. From 1997-2000, Remy served as Deputy Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Division of the United States Department of Justice, where he handled numerous cases, including those arising out of the events at Waco and Ruby Ridge. In addition to Mr. Remy’s practice experience, he currently serves in a management role at the firm as a member of the Global Training and Career Enhancement Committee. During his legal career, Remy also served as Judicial Clerk for the Honorable Nathaniel R. Jones on the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit and Assistant to the General Counsel for the Department of the Army. Remy has published, lectured and testified before Congress on legal topics relating to Torts, Constitutional Law, Employment Law, Diversity, Government Contracts, Litigation and Compliance. In 2005, Mr. Remy was recognized by Black Enterprise as one of America’s most powerful executives under 40.

Oddly enough, Mr. Remy’s bio at Latham and Watkins mentions some of his career experience that the White House chose not to highlight:

As a senior lawyer and business executive at Fannie Mae for six years prior to joining Latham, Mr. Remy gained a unique perspective of the needs and challenges of providing legal services to a large public company. At Fannie Mae, Mr. Remy served as the Deputy General Counsel, the Senior Vice President of Housing and Community Development, the Senior Vice President & Chief Compliance Officer and the Vice President for Litigation. Throughout his tenure, he provided direction, management and advice on corporate law matters in multiple practice areas including: corporate governance, internal investigations, legal and regulatory compliance, litigation, employment, antitrust, government contracts and insurance coverage. In his last assignment, Mr. Remy coordinated Fannie Mae’s initial humanitarian and business response to the 2005 hurricanes along the US Gulf Coast.

Remy’s bio here is not specific; it seems he was at Fannie Mae from 2000-2006. I wonder what fell within his purview as ‘Senior VP for Housing and Community Development.’ Given the glaring omission of this work from the White House announcement, I’d be surprised if it didn’t include some of the risky lending practices that led to Fannie Mae’s collapse. After all, the White House is leaving out 6 years of work experience for someone just 40 years old or so; wouldn’t it have to be because they’re not especially proud of the stint?

It’s my understanding that Remy’s new position requires Senate confirmation. I hope the members of the Senate Armed Services Committee are prepared to ask questions about the collapse of Fannie Mae.