Scott Murphy's Extreme Views

Kirsten Gillibrand broke the traditional GOP hold on New York’s 20th Congressional district by making a name for herself as a conservative Democrat. When local Democrats nominated Scott Murphy in the race to succeed her, they said they did so because Murphy was cut from the same cloth. But Scott Murphy clearly hasn’t learned anything from the shared experience of New Yorkers about the war on terror:

Murphy opposes the death penalty for terrorists because it’s too expensive to execute them. He apparently also wants to make sure that when people like the 9-11 hijackers are captured, they get a fair trial where we are certain of their guilt before we lock them away.

These are not the views of a conservative Democrat, or of a Democrat who has learned the lessons of 9-11. Murphy’s views sound more like an old-line liberal in the mold of Mario Cuomo: legalistic and out-of-touch with reality. It’s surprising that someone who worked on Wall Street for years would demonstrate such a lack of sensitivity to the concerns of New Yorkers about terrorism. But perhaps he was still living in Missouri when New York was attacked; his bio has changed several times, so it’s hard to tell.

This surprising candor is so noteworthy that I almost want to let it stand alone, but I also need to mention that Murphy thinks the Obama-Reid-Pelosi debt spending was so gosh-darned wonderful that he would have supported it even knowing that it had a loophole for AIG bonuses in it.

That’s right: Murphy opposes the death penalty for terrorists because it’s too expensive, but he supports a $1.1 trillion debt spending bill… even one with an AIG carveout:

Not to beat a dead horse, but it might be because Murphy is not just a Mario Cuomo Democrat; he’s a Tim Geithner Democrat as well:

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