Dina Titus (D-NV) Knew About the AIG Bonuses

When the House passed the Obama-Reid-Pelosi debt spending plan – and the carveout for AIG bonuses – Democrats allowed a scant few hours for review of the 1,000 page bill before the vote. Some honest Members of Congress admitted they had not read the bill. Nevada’s Dina Titus however, claimed to have done so:

House Democrats voted on the ‘stimulus’ bill just a few hours after they drafted the text (without input from Republicans). Did Representative Titus really go over the entire text as she claimed, or was she simply too embarrassed to acknowledge that she was voting on something she hadn’t read? In either case, she clearly felt she knew enough to vote for the bill, since the House had been talking about it ‘for a long time’ – about 3 or 4 weeks, actually.

Did Titus really know what she was voting on, or was she shirking the first and most basic part of her job? It’s time for all the Democrats who voted for this bill to answer that question.