Democrats Starting to Panic About Economy

Democrats in Congress are set to draft another ‘stimulus’ package — one that will waste hundreds of billions of dollars on projects that were too sketchy to make it into their first trillion dollar spending bill. They would have you believe that just like the pork-filled first bill was justified, so is this boondoggle. But it looks more like Democrats are simply too panicked about the slow pace of ‘recovery,’ so they’re looking to throw more of your money at the problem:

Democratic House members say they have less time to wait for signs of economic recovery than President Barack Obama , a conflict of timing that lawmakers say has become increasingly evident in their dealings with the White House…

“Constituents are saying, Why aren’t I seeing any relief now,” said Rep. Jason Altmire , D-Pa.

That’s the message Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner got from House Democrats during a caucus about the Troubled Asset Relief Program, according to Caucus Chairman John B. Larson , D-Conn.

“I think he heard very loud and clear from the members about the fierce urgency of now,” Larson said in a play on an Obama campaign theme borrowed from Martin Luther King Jr…

None of the lawmakers interviewed would claim the electoral motive for himself or herself but they said it is a general dynamic in caucus discussions with White House.

“I think that was communicated,” Rep. Tim Ryan , an Ohio Democrat said. “Obama and Geithner completely understand that this needs to be done now.”

House Democrats would do well to take a page from George Bush’s playbook. When it became clear that Republicans would take an electoral beating in 2006 because of disappointment with the war in Iraq, Bush stuck to his principles and persevered in Iraq regardless of the political consequence. Democrats today fear they may take a political beating in 2010, and their response is to waste more than a trillion dollars on projects that they hope will distract voters.

Here’s the thing: if Washington borrows and spends enough money, the unemployment rate will go down. It’s impossible for it not to. You can’t spend $2 trillion without hiring a lot of people. But while you may hire millions, you won’t be making the country any better off. You’ll explode the deficit and force our children and grandchildren to bear the pain, all in order to pay people to pass out condoms or re-sod the National Mall.

That’s what House Democrats seem willing to do – all to make you think the economy is humming along, so you’ll send them back to Washington next year.

If only they were as brave as George Bush. Or if they don’t like that name, I’ll point out another former Republican President who’s all the rage: Abraham Lincoln. The man in the White House likes to claim Lincoln as his model because he took some lumps for doing what he thought was right. He could take a lesson.