Keith Olbermann Sure is Thin Skinned

Wow! All it takes is a dig at Keith Olbermann’s non-Ivy League diploma to earn Ann Coulter ‘worst person in the world’ status, and a lengthy haranguing on his show. For all those Red Staters upset at missing out on the badge of honor in the past, Ann Coulter has shown you the door.

But Keith, let me offer you some advice in the spirit of Bear Bryant. You may recall from your Sports Center days that Bryant advised players who had just scored to act as if they’d been in the end zone before. Well, someone in the ‘news business’ like you are might want to act as if you’re more concerned with the truth than with petty insults. You’ll never amount to anything in the ‘news business’ if you have to respond to every little sling and arrow that comes your way.

Would Edward R. Murrow have dignified Coulter’s criticisms with a response (assuming he too, had bragged endlessly about an Ivy League education)? How about Walter Cronkite? I mean, I don’t even remember Dan Rather responding to What’s the Frequency Kenneth.


Does the Cornell College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (“advancing a productive and sustainable agriculture“) really require such a prickly defense? For what it’s worth, I don’t believe anyone doubted that you got a diploma Keith; even the fact that it says ‘Cornell University’ isn’t a big surprise. But if it helps get you through the night, I offer my congratulations. Well done, Keith! And to have taken ‘nearly half’ of your courses in the arts college – wow! I think we’re all really impressed at how huge you are!

And I’m not even going to ask where you went for your graduate degree.