Obama Budget Saves $1.6 Trillion by Not Extending Surge to 2019

I missed this yesterday, but it’s something you need to be aware of.

As Peter Wehner says:

This is, even by Washington standards, unusually dishonest. And coming from the administration of Barack Obama, who promised us “honest” accounting and made a big show of how much integrity and candor he would bring to his governing, this is astonishing. And it should be seen in the context of a man who made a huge deal about his so-called stimulus package being free of earmarks — even though he knew he was going to get, and would soon sign into law, a $400-plus billion appropriations bill, which includes around 9,000 earmarks.

Obama and the Democrats are patting themselves proudly on the back over how the president proposed an ‘honest’ budget, which eschewed the gimmicks of the past. The farce on display here is enough to shred that promise. Nearly all of Obama’s ‘budget cuts’ consist of ending the Iraq war on more or less the timetable it would already have ended, and in raising taxes. Add to that a $634 billion downpayment on national health care, and vastly exaggerated economic growth estimates, and we see that Obama has delivered a budget that is $9 trillion in the red over 10 years, and still masks the true cost with smoke and mirrors.

The disingenuousness of this budget is an embarrassment. It ought to be completely rejected, and Orszag in particular should be concerned about the ruin it will do to his former reputation for candor.

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