Obama Undercuts Nuclear Power

Harry Reid reports that Barack Obama is striking a blow in support of more global warming, and against sound science, by halting the establishment of a central nuclear waste repository at Yucca Mountain, Nevada. Thanks to Mr. Obama, nuclear waste will continue to be stored at more than 120 locations around the United States. Check the map below to see if you’re among the millions of lucky Americans who will continue to enjoy the benefits of nuclear waste in your neighborhood:


According to the Department of Energy, the more than 120 temporary storage sites around the United States represent a serious problem:

Current storage methods shield any harmful radiation and are presently safe. However, modern aboveground storage structures are designed for temporary storage only, and will not withstand rain, wind, and other environmental factors for the tens of thousands of years during which the waste will be hazardous.

Further, the National Academy of Sciences has issued numerous reports supporting centralized disposal of used nuclear fuel — preferably in a site such as Yucca Mountain, and there have been five National Research Council/National Academy of Sciences studies on geologic disposal or Yucca Mountain specifically. Obama and the Democrats have overthrown all concerns about science and public safety in an effort to kowtow to Harry Reid.

And of course, Obama hasn’t just ditched science, he’s also betrayed those who believe anthropogenic global warming is a serious threat to the global environment. That’s because there’s no cleaner source of power — at least if you’re concerned about emission of greenhouse gases. The founder of Greenpeace says of nuclear energy:

“It’s very clear to me that … in today’s environment of concern for climate change and concern for clean air … nuclear energy satisfies both those concerns. It is both clean from the point of view of air pollution and … from a climate change point of view.”

Does Obama not really believe in global warming, or does he not care?