Democrat Congressman Boren: This Bill is Un-American; Obama is a Partisan

I couldn’t agree more:

Blue Dog Democrat Boren, the lone Democrat [in the Oklahoma delegation – bf], was the first to pop off about President Obama.

Boren said Obama “missed an opportunity” for the stimulus bill to be bipartisan.

“It was a good thing for the president to meet with Republicans. The previous administration never met with Democratic members of Congress.

“The problem is that it became a Democrat bill and not an American bill,” Boren continued, “because he didn’t use any of the Republican ideas.”

Apart from us conservatives, Boren seems to be one of the few who recognizes that Obama has been talking through his hat. The President has droned on about bipartisanship, but this bill is a partisan vehicle. Recall that at his first meeting with Congressional Republicans, Obama was encouraging about using some of their ideas, only to reject them all later — because ‘he won.’ Obama has denigrated Republican ideas, while press secretary Robert Gibbs has been forced to admit that he can’t think of a single proposal suggested by a Republican that Obama included in the bill.

Boren now joins Walt Minnick among the Democrat truth tellers.

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