Democrat Candidate Fudges Biography

Update: you can watch Assemblyman Tedisco’s announcement video here.

In the race to replace now-Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, the Democrats have nominated a wealthy newcomer to the region. But he won’t admit he’s a newcomer. Instead, he stresses having lived in New York since ‘the early ’90s,’ when the truth is that he was living in Missouri as recently as the year 2000. Truth be told, New Yorkers have shown a penchant for electing carpetbaggers – so his residence is probably not a big deal, in and of itself. But a Congressional candidate ought to at least be honest about it.

In any case, now Scott Murphy’s hometown papers – those in Missouri – have noticed his lack of candor:

Democrat Scott Murphy, running for the upstate New York Congressional seat vacated by Hillary Clinton’s successor, is a Missouri native — though you would never know it by his campaign biography.

Murphy’s website says he “grew up in a small town in the Midwest.” That small town is actually Columbia, Mo., the fifth largest city in the state.

According to the Columbia Daily Tribune, he graduated from Hickman High, the same school as U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill. He attended Harvard University, a distinction that, unlike his hometown, is explicitly stated on his website. (Not, you know, “small liberal arts college in the Northeast.”)

Murphy was also an aide to former Gov. Mel Carnahan and, later, deputy chief of staff to Gov. Roger Wilson…

But Murphy may have bigger problems in the race than whether he hails from the Ozarks or the Adirondacks. The GOP has already directed a timely screed against Murphy for — you guessed it — failure to pay timely taxes by one of his companies.

The word seems to be that Democrats have already thrown in the towel in this race, and expect Republican candidate Jim Tedisco to cruise to victory. If so, that would be a stunning admission of weakness by the DCCC going forward. As I have noted before, Democrats currently hold 28 other House seats that are at least as Republican as this one — if not more so. If they really think they cannot hold this seat – during Barack Obama’s ‘honeymoon,’ and while Republicans are relatively disorganized – then they are essentially writing off most of their House majority.