So Far, Democrats' Vote More Partisan Than GOP

Nate Silver points out that so far, Democrats have been marching in lockstep support of the Obama agenda at a significantly higher rate than Republicans have been voting against. And this is despite all the attention to the ‘moderate Democrats’ who are trying to reduce the size of the Obama-Reid-Pelosi spending bill:

There have already been 13 distinct votes on various amendments and elements related to the stimulus package; these are roll call votes numbers 37 through 49 in the Senate’s official record.

So far, Senate Democrats have voted in accordance with what we believe to be the administration’s position 97.4 percent of the time — or 98.1 percent of the time if the most common “Democratic” dissenter, Joe Lieberman, is excluded from the tally.

By contrast, the Republicans have voted against the administration’s position an average of 89.2 percent of the time. That’s fairly unified also, but the Democrats are nevertheless picking off an average of 4 Republican votes on each amendment, whereas the Republicans are getting an average of only 1 and 2 Democrats siding with them.

Liberals will probably argue that everyone should support Obama’s agenda, because he got elected on it. But the bill before Congress today bears no relation to anything Obama promised in the campaign. In fact, it goes in direct contravention to his promise to reduce federal spending. That’s why it’s tanking in the polls, and why anyone with an open-mind ought to be skeptical. Instead, it is Republicans who are proving to be open to compromise.

Exit question: how many stories do you expect to read in the mainstream media about the refusal of Democrats to compromise, or reach out to the other side?