Obama: I Don't Want Tired Old (Republican) Ideas

Now we know why Barack Obama apparently expected a big bipartisan vote for the c___ sandwich. He figured that once he rode a 53% tidal wave to the White House, on a platform specifically calling for:

  1. Hope; and,
  2. Change,

that there was no way Republicans would actually vote against a trillion dollar payoff to liberal constituencies. He apparently didn’t believe all that Democratic rhetoric about how Republicans in Congress are getting more and more conservative, because he thought that would be so awestruck by him that they would eagerly vote for a massive expansion of the government. So when he promised to welcome their ideas, and incorporate good ones into his ‘stimulus,’ he meant ‘other ideas for government expansion that we Democrats didn’t think of yet.’ He expected Republicans to suddenly embrace the Democratic agenda because he won; you know, just like the Democrats did in 2001 and 2005.

How else do you explain this (from yesterday’s White House press briefing):

MSNBC’S CHUCK TODD: “Robert, you’ve said just now actually in an answer to one of the questions or the President has said if he hears some good ideas from the Republicans, he’s all for it. Has there been a good idea from a Republican that he is now trumpeting into this stimulus packet?”

GIBBS: “Well, I think the President talked with Senator Snowe and Senator Collins yesterday.”

TODD: “Was there specific like okay, that’s a good idea, let’s do it?”

GIBBS: “I have not gotten from him that. I know that he believes that and stated over the course of the negotiations that there are things that he didn’t, while good policy, didn’t believe should be in the bill. And I think he is watching what is And I think he is watching what is going on in the Senate in order to see where the process moves this along.”

Just feel the bipartisan warmth.

I leave you with a portion of Obama’s speech to House Democrats yesterday, reminding them ‘I Won.:

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