Democrat Congressman: 'Stimulus' is More than 80% Waste

Freshman Democrat Walt Minnick (D-ID) is one of the Blue Dogs who opposed passage of the Obama-Reid-Pelosi spending plan. He has now introduced his own stimulus legislation. And how does it differ from the legislation being debated in Congress now?

“The biggest difference is that I’ve cut out everything that doesn’t create jobs in this year and next,” Minnick said Thursday. “It’s only $174 billion, $650 billion less than what the House passed and probably $750 billion less than the trillion dollar bill the Senate is talking about. It focuses on infrastructure spending, there’s $70 billion on bridges, roads and school construction and there’s $100 billion on tax cuts to middle and low income people.

Minnick said his proposal would spend all the money by the end of 2010, while the White House proposal would only spend 30 percent of the larger amount they’re proposing.

Minnick is right. The bill is tremendously wasteful, and it will hurt the economy rather than help it. Will Minnick’s fellow Democrats listen?

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