Pelosi: We'll Run Roughshod over Republicans

In previous years, Democrats promised to run the Congress in a bipartisan way, and they complained that George Bush stoked fears in order to squelch debate and suppress dissent. Things have really changed. This is from Pelosi’s opening speech of the new Congress (yesterday), in which the Speaker sets the tone for the two years ahead:

I wonder what the punishment is for those who don’t believe ‘we need action now.’

More here, where a senior Democratic aide doesn’t expect Pelosi to reach across the aisle:

“I haven’t seen any evidence of working from the center yet,” said a senior Democratic aide. “And I think she meant governing from the center of her caucus. It is possible that she will reach out to the other side, but it’s too early to tell.”

Of course, I’d expect no less from someone who sees her job as saving the planet.