You're the Next Caller on the Giuliani Show...

Some might wonder about how his ratings will look compared to those of Rush and Sean, but I wonder how this affects his potential gubernatorial candidacy in 2010:

EVERYONE knows Bill O’Reilly is quitting his radio show to concentrate on his Fox News TV program. Now, Page Six has learned the leading candidate to succeed him is Rudy Giuliani (above). Westwood One, which syndicates the O’Reilly show, is negotiating with the former mayor. Giuliani, who doesn’t suffer fools gladly, famously ridiculed a ferret owner on the radio in 1999, calling him “deranged.” Some wonder if Rudy could sit for three hours a day chitchatting about politics. The other question is how it might affect his possible gubernatorial run in 2010. Giuliani’s office did not return calls.

On the one hand, a radio show isn’t a bad platform for keeping yourself in the public eye — particularly in New York, where AM talk radio remains extremely popular. On the other… I hope his contract has an out clause after a year or two.