Harry Reid Gears up for a Tough Re-election Bid

Harry Reid will spend the next two years as the face of Congressional Democrats and the chief Congressional caretaker of the Obama agenda. There’s a good chance that agenda won’t be all that popular in a purple state like Nevada, so he is likely to be a top GOP target in his 2010 re-election bid. With that in mind, Reid is doing all he can to get ready for a tough fight — including enlisting the aid of a Freshman Senator like Oregon’s Jeff Merkley to raise money for him:

In the spirit of the holidays, Sen.-elect Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) is giving back by asking his supporters to give a little more.

Merkley released a fundraising letter on Thursday that encouraged supporters to donate to the re-election campaign of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D), a man who became a key ally of Merkley’s on Capitol Hill during the Oregon Speaker’s 2008 successful race against Sen. Gordon Smith (R-Ore.)…

In his letter Thursday, Merkley states that “the election was just one month ago and the extreme right wing is already gearing up to attack Harry. I hope you will act today to make sure their attack strategy doesn’t work.”

Merkley adds that the “critical” December Federal Election Commission fundraising deadline is just a few weeks away and that “with a big show of support, we can let Republicans know that Harry Reid is going to have the resources he needs to win in 2010.”

Clearly Reid will welcome all the help he can get, but fundraising is probably the least of his concerns. As Senate Majority Leader, he’ll be able to raise more money than he could possibly need for his re-election bid. Former House Speaker Tom Foley (D-WA) and Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle (D-SD) were also flush with cash when they lost their re-election bids; it was just that no amount of money was enough to separate them from unpopular Democratic Presidents. Reid faces the same challenge in 2010.