Card Check's Powerful New Opponent

Would you want to defy McDonalds?

Two of America’s largest unions have denounced McDonald’s Corp. this week following Crain’s story that the company is mobilizing franchisees against a law designed to make it easier for workers to unionize.

The Service Employee International Union encouraged its 1.8 million members to send letters to McDonald’s in support of the proposed Employee Free Choice Act. The AFL-CIO issued a press release saying it “plans to make sure the 10 million working men and women who make up our membership know that McDonald’s has just announced a whopper of a campaign against their economic interests and against their hopes for an economy that works for all, not just for the CEOs.”

If the AFL-CIO is against you, I’m probably going to be for you. For that reason, I’m going to have to go to McDonalds instead of Five Guys for my next burger break, just like Andrew Roth.

Can McDonalds sway votes? As a father of two, let me assure you that if McDonalds asserts that Card Check will raise their operating costs enough to force them to cut the toys out of happy meals, Card Check hasn’t got a prayer.