Joseph Cao for Congress

The voters of Louisiana’s Second Congressional District head to the polls tomorrow for the runoff election between incumbent Democrat Bill ‘Cold Cash’ Jefferson, and Republican newcomer Joseph Cao.  While Jefferson’s ethical lapses are well known — and reason enough to defeat him — Cao shows the sort of character that is badly needed in Congress.  He is an immigrant who escaped Vietnam before the fall of Saigon, became a Jesuit novice, then a private practice attorney and respected community leader.  Read more about Cao in this piece by the American Spectator’s Quin Hillyer.  A victory by Cao would give Louisiana a Congressman and leader to be proud of.

With that in mind, RedState’s Moe Lane has contacted Cao’s campaign about where the race stands, and received the following statement:

Remember Louisiana Democrat “Dollar Bill” Jefferson, as in $90,000 in cash found in his freezer? The tides of change in Louisiana have brought in superstar republican governor in Bobby Jindal and now a strong republican challenger to Mr. Jefferson. Meet Joseph Cao, a true picture of the “American Dream”. This physicist, businessman, lawyer, and community activist came to America as at the age of eight and on Saturday Dec, 6th he will be elected the congressman for Louisiana’s 2nd congressional district. His support is broad reaching in a district dominated by democrats for decades. His community activism and fight to bring communities back after Katrina has endeared him in the hearts of many locals.

So how can a republican win in a district rigged to only elect democrats…forever. William “Dollar Bill” Jefferson is the current incumbent and an embarrassment to New Orleans and Louisiana. He is a 10 term incumbent facing 16 indictment counts ranging from bribery to racketeering. Mr. Jefferson’s political machine is daunting, in this cycle he has defeated seven democratic challengers, but poles are showing that the people want a post Katrina city that rejects corruption. A Jesuit trained ethics professor and a successful business man is just what we need to gain back our respect and create an environment of growth for Louisiana. With no Barak Obama on the ballot and a predicted low turnout, this election is the best chance republicans have had in New Orleans since the Civil War.

After Katrina, Louisiana experienced a wave of excellence in government that made the political news bringing it up to the top ten in ethics reform.  Joseph Cao is part of that conservative coalition fighting for school choice, lower taxes, and freedom from obtrusive government regulations. His platform of Coastal Restoration, Ethics Reform, Economic Recovery and Healthcare Reform will move Louisiana forward. If you would like to help Joseph the please visit his website at www.josephcaoforcongress.com or call the campaign office at 504-717-7551 anytime. You can make phone calls, wave signs, donate money, and many other tasks. The election is a few days away so come be a part of a new beginning.

In a low-turnout race such as a Congressional runoff, anything can happen. If you live in Louisiana’s second district, make sure to come out and support Cao tomorrow. It’s a vote you will be proud of.